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Aug 24,2014
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Aug 24,2014
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Don’t you think that Ikalgo , without Killua around , is going to be very lonely too? They choose different paths and now that the conflict is already over (in the manga) I wonder how truly Ikalgo feels towards Killua and Gon and what is he going to do for now on. He , as a friend , would like to spend his time with both of them but the destiny is so unfair. I hope Togashi-sensei doesn’t forget about our little tako and all the team. Stay strong Ikalgo , you’re not alone anymore. All your friends are inside your heart (ღ˘◡˘ღ) 

tagged #this is really beautiful #also i like to think that ikalgo and palm become very close friends after all this chimera ant thing #and so they don't feel so lonely anymore #awww #best friend award #hxh

Aug 23,2014
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Aug 23,2014
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im just gonna leave this here

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Aug 23,2014
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Aug 23,2014
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Killua & Senritsu

tagged #senritsu is a very important character who deserves to fulfill her goals #also killua interacting with different characters makes my heart very happy #hxh

Aug 22,2014
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mas Simpsons aqui

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Aug 22,2014
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a list of tags that i have so far discovered, and links to them. i didn’t include tags that had less than three items on them or were just too vague, and i’m sure there’ll be more to add, too.

for starters i want to remind everyone to take caution when browsing pixiv since the chances of running into unpleasant nsfw, especially of female characters and pitou, is extremely high, lol.

also, please don’t use this list for going through tags to steal and repost art, that’s not what i’m doing all this hard work for. please respect all the artists.

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Aug 22,2014
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Artist: Emilie Simon
Trackname: Vu d'ici
Album: Emilie Simon


Vu d’Ici | Emilie Simon (Emilie Simon, 2003)

this used to be my absolute favorite from this album. The instrumentation, with wind instruments, is absolutely gorgeous.

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Aug 22,2014
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