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Oct 19,2014
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Artist: David Wise
Trackname: Scorch 'n' Torch
Album: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Original Sound Version (Placeholder Edition)


Scorch ‘n’ Torch
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Wii U
David Wise

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Oct 19,2014
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Oct 19,2014
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旅立ちの空 by Rella // Odaiba Day ‘14

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Oct 19,2014
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Matching Icons for you and your friend.

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Oct 17,2014
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I’ve posted a few times on here about the official Japanese manga “Super Mario-kun”. Well, for a while now I’ve been planning on scanlating a small bit of it, for practice and to see if I could do such a thing on a larger scale. I already have scans, so it’s more like translating and editing—I’ve never owned anything rare worth scanning. I chose to start with these because they’re very short, only a few panels on a few pages; they’re very simple, being a children’s manga they have simple language and plenty of furigana over the kanji; and the scans I had were very clean, well aligned, very high contrast, which made the typesetting and all easy.

What I’m presenting here is a series of 8 4komas (4-panel gag strips), and 2 picture puzzle activity pages, that went in between chapters in a volume of Super Mario-kun. This volume was a recreation of the story of Donkey Kong Country 2, except with Mario and Yoshi, because they’re the main characters of the manga. You’ll find they tend to visit a few places they’re not supposed to, like Wario’s Woods, and their past selves in the Yoshi’s Island volume. Only natural, with these 3 sub-series being part of the greater Mario Universe.

Don’t expect any heavy themes here, especially from the spot-the-difference page. The nature of this manga is visual jokes, occasional toilet humour (not in these, though), and over-the-top comic violence. But, and this is the reason I translated this at all, it is a contribution towards the overall Donkey Kong pseudo-canon. I’m not sure what to call it actually, the body of work of DK-related materials, not all of which are strictly in continuity but which are still important (at least to me). Anyway, I’m a fan so I was interested in a comic about silly monkeys.

Give them a read, and if you’re a true fan like me, save them to your computer and spread them around. Although I intend to post this on DKVine and DKC-Atlas myself, so I’m not sure where else you would go with this.

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Oct 17,2014
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Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong blasting through a bramble level in Donkey Kong Country 2.

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Oct 17,2014
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Oct 17,2014
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Lars and Sadie are Happy

A really quick animatic I did!! When I heard Sadie’s voice actor does a lot of singing herself, I couldn’t help myself. [Also I suggest you check out Garfunkle and Oates when you have the chance!]

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Oct 17,2014
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these are all from the same episode

Pretty close. The fact that any of these made it out even partially resembling my chicken scratch is a goddamn miracle

when the work print for this came back Calvin and I marveled at how many off-model Mordecais they let us keep in. and by “us” i mean Calvin drew every single one of these expressions

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Oct 17,2014
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Link & Zelda Fan Art

Created by Cassio Yoshiyaki - Facebook

What if Dreamworks Made Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?

From the makers of “How to Train Your King of Red Lions”.

Now available on the Despicable Wii.

If you are a fan of amazing illustration work, you should check out artist Cassio Yoshiyaki’s portfolio right now.

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