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Aug 31,2014
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Hunter x Hunter 2011: Kurapika Conjured Chain 

1.Holy Chain (The Healing Thumb Chain)

2.Judgment Chain (The Arbiter Little Finger Chain)

3.Dowsing Chain (The Guiding Ring Finger Chain)

4.Chain Jail (The Restraining Middle Finger Chain)

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Aug 31,2014
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Aug 31,2014
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↳Noodle through phase 1, 2 and 3

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Aug 31,2014
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Aug 30,2014
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Visual Development from The Aristocats by Ken Anderson

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Aug 30,2014
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This picture is by one of my Favorite artist: 烏鴨

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Aug 30,2014
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30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 9 - Hanging out with friends

Mordecai finally introduced Godzilla to his friends! They all love him and get along super great, even though they know about Godzilla’s past. They try to reassure him whenever he gets down on himself about it. Sri’nareth, my OC, was able to take some time off from his bounty hunting job to tell a real good joke to the park crew, so that’s what everyone is laughing about. Sri’nareth is an immortal elf-wolf hybrid with purple pants and really cool glowing tattoos. You can tell how happy or sad he is depending on what color the tattoos glow.

In this picture his tattoos are glowing blue, so you know he’s really happy and relaxed! The park crew really likes Sri’nareth, even though he isn’t able to hang around in the park very often. He likes that they accept him, even though they know about his past.

After his parents died he ended up owning their estate, which means a lot of upkeep. His dad often hit him with the “lesson learner” (i.e. his belt) whenever he did something wrong as a kid. Now he lives a life bounty hunting and has sworn vengeance against belts.

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Aug 29,2014
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ParaNorman (2012) | (3/7)

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Aug 29,2014
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Artist: Masafumi Takada
Trackname: Pleather for Breakfast
Album: No More Heroes Original Sound Tracks

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Aug 29,2014
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