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Apr 18,2014
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My fav 2 seconds of today’s episode♥ 

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Apr 17,2014
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Artist: Emilíana Torrini
Trackname: Tookah
Album: Tookah

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Apr 17,2014
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Apr 17,2014
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So today Ryan drew that first picture of Mordecai up there. Then Toby, Sarah and I joined in and things kinda got out of hand for an hour.

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Apr 13,2014
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Apr 13,2014
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Apr 13,2014
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Yoshi, from the Yoshi series, is back in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

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Apr 13,2014
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少し休んで それからまた歩き出そう by ヨシノリ 

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Apr 13,2014
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my entire life goal is to become madame in aristocats

Apr 13,2014
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The short film based on Silent Hill 2 by Brett Driver and crowdfunded through indiegogo has been released!

I just finished watching it a moment ago and I’m still trying to pick my chin off the ground.

Seriously, wow just… WOW!

Starlin Britt and Lizzy Vincent really nailed James and Mary’s characters. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s heart wrenching watching their relationship crumble after Mary’s diagnosis due to Mary’s self loathing and James own helplessness in the situation. Since this film is a prequel to the game I really loved the nods to future moments in James’ journey with the appearances of Maria, Pyramid Head, and a heartbreaking scene that mirrors a certain monologue in a long hallway at Lakeview Hotel.

The set, costumes, lighting and original music came together so perfectly. It was also a real treat to see Steven Yount, of Creative Guy Costuming’s Pyramid Head cosplay in action! This really is one of the best Silent Hill fan films I’ve seen to date. I really wish Brett Driver would tackle and full length Silent Hill 2 film adaptation in the future. I think he would do a wonderful job.

If you haven’t already, check out my Voices in the Static interview with both Brett Driver and Starlin Britt about the making of this film.

Be sure to also like A Silent Hill Story: Lost Days on facebook and let them know what you thought!

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